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YogaBase is run by experienced Iyengar yoga-trained teachers Anne-Marie Tweedie, Sally Mekalik and Hollie Tang.


Anne-Marie Tweedie

Sally Mekalik

Hollie Tang

Each have many years of personal Iyengar yoga practice behind them as well as having qualified as Iyengar yoga teachers.



What should I wear?

Comfortable exercise clothes are best. For example, in Summer shorts (loose or bicycle style) and T-shirt.  In Winter, tights or shorts, T-shirt and warm top (nothing too baggy). And always, clean bare feet. 

Is it okay to eat or drink before class?

It is best to leave 1 to 2 hours after a light meal and 3 hours after a heavy meal before practising Yoga. A light snack not closer to 1 hour before class is fine. A cup of tea, juice, coffee and toast is often enough to keep you going without disturbing your digestion in class.  

Avoid alcohol before class.

You will feel much lighter if you follow these guidelines. 

What if I'm menstruating?

Please advise your teacher if you are menstruating, as some of the postures are unsuitable at this time. 

Should I do Yoga if I'm ill?

If you are experiencing headaches cold, flu, earache, back, neck or knee trouble, eye problems, high blood-pressure or any other problems of this sort, please advise your teacher before the class. You should also inform your teacher if you are pregnant.

There are specific postures and sequences that can assist your recovery and in some cases (i.e., high blood pressure, earache) certain poses.

How often should I attend?

Students often start by coming to one class a week, but then later will find that attending twice a week makes a noticeable difference to their understanding and progress. It will assist you and your teacher if you attend class regularly.

Classes build your experience and understanding of yoga week by week. You will benefit most by consistent and regular attendance.

How do I pay?

Pay cash at the school or direct debit into account nr 38 9012 0696157 00

Put your name, class date and time as reference.

When should I arrive:

Minimum 5-10 mins before class starts as this is your time to settle in before the class begins. 

Please contact the school at  to enrol for your first class, or for more information.




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